I’m Giana Pilar González a Panamanian designer living in New York City. I combine a user experience consultancy with art and design experiments.

My experiments inform my research and ideas about:

I also explore performance and identity by documenting and recreating private moments and mundane rituals at home i.e. dancing in front of the mirror,  playing dress up, etc.  (Wearable Wall).

I share my personal work, ideas, process and findings online and with colleagues developing research about open fashion (Otto Von Busch, Oscar Ruiz Schmidt, Sarah Scaturro). I also participate in exhibits, conferences, and panel discussions.  I enjoy sharing my feedback with students during formal critiques and design reviews at Tisch’s School of the Arts ITP Program and the School of Visual Art’s MFA for Social Innovation. I mentor recent graduates in these fields to help them further their goals and develop their skills within the realities of a sustainable professional practice.  Since 2014, I’ve been part of Orbital NYC, a fierce community of independent creators in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. 

Contact me if you would like to engage with the effort on open sourcing fashion by hosting a Hacking Couture workshop (I will love to help you plan it may even come in person to  help you facilitate it). Also reach out if you are interested on mapping design DNAs or if you want me to do it for yourself or for your brand.

If you have something you would like to share about D.I.Y. , art, architecture, art books, collaboration, performance, fashion, empowerment and ethereal digital experiences let’s connect via Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and/or LinkedIn.