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¡Hola y bienvenidos/as/es!

The work presented in this site are experiences and ideas that help me connect. These are ignited by my inquiry of the topic of identity and its relationship to cultural systems.

Through the execution of these projects, I search for personal freedom and liberation from anything that pushes down my energy and holds back my potential on this Earth.

My mission is to cultivate awareness and overflowing self-expression by using the energy of the systems I live in. The goal is to thrive in them with my own set of values: collaboration, participation and open communication.

My American Non-Standard

¡Hola desde Nueva York! As the spring fully kicks in and we prepare for summer, the ideas of freedom and liberation are very alive for me.

2022 FIT Sustainability Conference

Excited to be part of the panel "Visions for Representation in Fashion". Tuesday April 5th 12:00 - 12:45 PM Virtual Live in conversation with designers Mimi Plange and Allison Ko, moderated by Ariele Elia.

Map Your Code™: Music, Places and Things

What are you drawn to? What are the soundtracks of your life, the food you love to eat, where you come from? In this workshop, we will explore the interplay between where you are now and where you came from. 

Dissolving Borders 2 Exhibition NYC @Chashama

Opening reception Sat, Sept. 11 2021, 4-9PM at @chashama Location: 340 E 64th Street, New York, NY 10065 (Upper East Side)

Think About Water Exhibition

Please join us on World Water Day, March 22nd at 6:30 PM CT, for a Zoom opening where the artists will speak briefly about their work via the link below. The correlation of the opening date is intended to raise awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without safe access to water. Think About Water invites you to view the show without leaving the comfort of your own space!

Map Your Code: Themes & Values. Oct. 24th 2020

What are you drawn to, what are the themes of your life, your career, your social media?  In this workshop, we will explore what is the interplay between what you like, what there is and what there could be as a starting point to where your personal brand and mission needs to go. 

Online Workshop @ Nobody’s Fashion Week

Este sábado 3 de Octubre a las 3:00 pm hora de Nueva York estaré facilitando el taller Everybody: Map Your Code! como parte de Nobody's Fashion Week at the Flux Factory.  El taller cubrirá la práctica de crear mapas y cómo esta ayuda a identificar lo que es único de tu propia marca personal e identidad.

Interview with Dr. Wires from the ABC Institute

As the pandemic hit, I reached to  Dr. Wires. I had a sense of urgency and uncertainty, being in Manhattan. His research focuses on conversation theory and cybernetics. Enjoy our conversation and a short Q&A session.

Milan Design Week 2019

Hacking Couture was part of the exhibition Design Collisions part of the 2019 Milan Design Week's Fuorisalone

Design Collisions @ Fuorisalone

Hacking Couture is part of the the exhibition "Design Collisions – The Power of Creative Ideas",  curated by Laura Traldi, as part of the Milan Design Week

Water Journeys Workshop April 5th @ FATE Conference

Please join us at the 2019 FATE Conference, in which we will be facilitating Water Journeys. Friday April 5th 4:45 -5:45pm