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2011 - Present

Mobile application that allows the annotation of different areas of an image. This is a digitized version of my visual annotation system for conducting research for Hacking Couture and the Personas series.

Hacking Couture

2006 - Present

Hacking Couture is an experimental art project that enhances creativity, collaboration and re-defines the way we experience and consume fashion.

Mirror Dancing

2015 - Present

Mirror dancing is an investigation of the conversations I have within myself, visualized through my body. I appropriate the lyrics and/or the rhythm of existing songs to give myself messages. I become my own idol, savior, messenger, and/or advisor. I confront

PTY Pop Maps


Abstraction of the Panamanian Pop culture. They are a tool for the tourist, the immigrant and the melancholic Panamanian.


2009 - Present

Personas are a series of private performances. I draw on inspiration from personalities in our pop world to investigate qualities I want to obtain from their image.



PRAKA is a performance piece the channeling designer Miuccia Prada with the Panamanian RAKATAKA. Anything is possible when the two remix.