Map Your Code: Themes & Values. Oct. 24th 2020

October 15, 2020


What are you drawn to, what are the themes of your life, your career, your social media?  In this workshop, we will explore what is the interplay between what you like, what there is and what there could be as a starting point to where your personal brand and mission needs to go. 

The goal is to identify and inform our own personal brand.  As a result from this workshop, you will have a tangible map of what your themes are, and based on your personal needs. 

Open to all participants, yet ideal for someone looking for clarity of their personal brand and/or looking to expand it.

Duration: 90 mins. (online)
Date: October 24 2020 3pm NYC –  EST (Check your local time)
Price: $30 (Market value of $150). Scholarship available for someone in transition or in need (please inquire).

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If you have any questions about the workshop, send a note to

Watch the previous workshop to get excited about your personal brand DNA.

Having fun during Map Your Code Workshop. Oct. 3rd 2020 during Nobody’s Fashion Week.


Mapea tu Código: Explorando Tus Temas


¿Cuáles son los temas que te atraen, cuál es la temática de tu vida, de tu carrera y lo que compartes en las redes sociales? Durante el taller, exploraremos tus gustos, aspiraciones y actividades en las redes sociales para mapear tu marca personal e informar hacia donde se dirige. 

Como resultado de este taller, tendrás un mapa/plantilla que refleja tu temática personal.

Disponible a participantes de todos los niveles. No es necesario tener experiencia en branding o comunicaciones. Se aplica este taller para individuos que buscan aclarar su marca personal y/o expandirla.


Duración:  90 mins. (en línea)
Fecha: Sábado 24 de Octubre, 3pm NYC  –  (Confirme su hora local)
Costo: $30 (Valor del taller $150). Beca disponible basada en necesidad
Si tienes alguna pregunta acerca del taller, envíala a