Water Journeys Workshop April 5th @ FATE Conference

March 26, 2019


In collaboration with Fredericka Foster 

Workshop Session 10
Time : Friday April 5th 4:45 -5:45pm

Location: CCAD Design Studios on Broad, 2nd floor – Room 209

Water is both a global and personal issue, since every living thing depends upon water.  We may misperceive water as a subject of importance primarily to organizations focused upon the issue, but since all living beings are made mostly of water, and what we eat and drink affects this key substance, how we treat water determines our lives. Art offers a method to emphasize human agency for clarifying our relationship with water, making us aware of its part in our personal story and identity, and helping us shape and guide our intentions and relationship with it.

We will facilitate this process with a series of questions.   We will share basic design principles. We will provide materials for collage, using sample images from Fredericka’s and Giana’s artwork and sourced images from the internet and magazines. Participants will craft and illustrate their own water journeys with words and images, learning how an artistic practice aids self-reflection and communication. They will share their personal journey with water, how it relates to their identity, value, ethics and future actions. They will develop an experimental framework using creativity and art to express values, educate on a specific issue, and ignite action. Required Materials: None, all materials will be provided.

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