What happened at Everybody: Map Your Code! Oct. 3 2020

October 16, 2020

The workshop was so energizing and contagious, you could feel it in the room.  We looked at what makes you, YOU: The unique code of your brand DNA. Watch the video to see the process in action! 

Topics covered during the workshop explored the participants identity through their personal geographies. The exploration of the self provides an insight into your identity, communications, personal brand and growth.

Personal Codes Examples

Here’s a snapshot of my Code: Love for dance (in public and in private), seeking truth, unity and creativity.
Mario’s Code: Full of steps and perspective! He will take a NEW and more fresh portrait to reflect where he is at and where he is going.

A special thanks to Nobody’s Fashion Week and the Flux Factory for the invitation to host the workshop.

Upcoming Workshop:
Map Your Themes & Values

Oct. 24 2020 (online). If you are excited about knowing yourself, communicating clearly who you are, what you do, the value you add in or just plainly playing with your identity I invite you to join me on Oct. 24 3pm NYC via Zoom to explore the themes and values in your personal brand.

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More Details About the Workshop