Vote for our SXSW 2017 Panel

So excited! The panel will bring together a unique mix of expertise discussing innovation in fashion: from supply chain, in-house design processes, collaboration, wearable computing, open sourcing and e-commerce. I'm just thrilled to be chatting with Selena Lounds (Coach), Robin Lewellen (Walter Wilhelm Associates) and my lovely friend Despina Papadopoulos (Principled Design, ITP-NYU, SVA).

The Birth of MASSEVO

This Summer I launched MASSEVO: a line of DIY products that is inspired by the visual language of fashion.

My Galliano Guilt

I’m ashamed to admit it, part of me is glad that Galliano is back. I was shocked by my own secret joy on John Galliano being back.

Hacking Heights Fashion

On September 20 artist extraordinaire Norene Leddy curated and produced the 5th annual clothing swap and DIY workshop in Washington Park in her neighborhood of The Heights in Jersey City, NJ.

Selling in Chinatown

This past Friday I launched and about three weeks ago I conducted the first public experiment/test with the products.

To Borrow or Not to Borrow: The Terry Richardson Dilemma

I’ve always been an a fan of Terry Richardson’s Thumbs Up pose but recently that I am embarrassed to say so. Nowadays his photographs and iconic poses are associated with the image of a sexual predator who abuses power and takes advantage of models.

What I learned from Spray Painting my Work Shirt

In the spring of 2011 after returning to work from vacation I learned that our department head was leaving the company.

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